Where simplicity meets coffee



  1. a hot drink made from the roasted and ground seeds (coffee beans) of a tropical shrub

  2. a drink of intense complexity, yet subtle in nature


About Us

We begin our story as a team of five with a dream to explore the unexplored. we set out on an adventure to discover more about the one thing that is so complex yet simple - coffee.

what we stumbled upon was more than what we can ever expect. so many flavours, so many variations.. It felt as though our voyage has taken us to the world’s treasure. what better way to add meaning to something so valuable than share it with the world.

today, we founded five oars coffee roasters and grew it to something amazing. inspired by the botanical scenery of an island, we made our classic dishes to not just be delectable, but also as an art form. pair it along with our signature espresso blends that are roasted personally by us for the perfect brunch experience.